Being more secure isn't complicated; don't let anyone tell you that it is.

We understand the competing needs you have to run your organisation within a framework that’s regulated and whilst still being commercially minded, and the pressure that this often creates.

We're very used to working alongside you to make sure that you remain safe, secure and are regulatory compliant whilst ensuring that security doesn’t become a drag on your day to day business.

We offer services in three areas:

Cyber Security Consulting

We understand that cyber and application security is not always your number one priority, but you would still like to be secure.

We know that you need to properly understand all the risks you may face so that you can make the best decisions for your specific circumstances.

We provide practical, pragmatic cyber and application security advice that allows you to focus on your business and operations; whilst we help you take care of the security details.

Cyber Security Testing

Our application security testing helps you understand the real-world security risks you face and what should be the way forward to address them.

The security audits, testing and assessments we undertake help provide assurance to you, your partners, regulators and most importantly, to your members.

We offer a range of application security testing solutions that let us attack your applications and servers, how attackers would, and then share what you need to do next taking into account your individual commercial, organisational and operational realities.


We run hands-on application security training courses for technical and non-technical teams and individuals alike.

Our non-technical cyber security training helps you by guiding and teaching your employees, partners, vendors on the cyber risks they may face and what role can they play in ensuring your company or organisation stays safe and secure.

Our application security technical training for developers, development teams and IT engineers focuses on ensuring that the fundamentals are understood. When the underlying protocols, limitations and strengths are clear, your developers and IT team can help ensure that you stay secure.

Pragmatic, commercially relevant and cost-effective cyber security services for Mutuals.

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