Why use us?

We specialise in providing governance, regulatory and compliance services to Mutual businesses.

All of our team have years of experience in working with such firms and this means we are familiar and supportive of the culture and ethos found in such member focussed organisations.

Inherent in our approach is an understanding that the mutual perspective is one of protecting the member's funds and rights in the business and spending their money prudently and effectively. We always seek to deliver value for money and our multi-level pricing structure reflects this. We will never use the most expensive people in our organisation if an assignment can be carried out by a competent Associate at a lower rate.

Our Associates are experienced at working with staff of all levels from the Chairman downwards through Board Members and Senior Managers, to junior levels as well.

How we deliver our services

To ensure value for money we have three levels of service delivery – they are Ask; Consult; Partner.


This is our basic low-cost question answering service. It can be conducted within our website, or by e mail or by telephone. We will quote you a fixed price for answering your question along with a delivery time for it.


Quite often firms are overwhelmed by demanding volumes of complex regulatory change. An ideal way to deal with this is to utilise our team to deliver a cost-effective solution, tightly defined as a short-term consultancy project. In addition to providing the outcome required by your business, your regulators and your members we can also professionally manage the project which is an ideal way of Board Reporting.


It can also be the case that firms do not wish to incur the cost of employing a full-time team of experts. In this scenario we can be your embedded business partner delivering these service more cost effectively and to high standards of regulatory compliance.

For more information call our Chief Executive, Geoff Spencer, on 07742 900345 for a confidential discussion or e-mail him directly.

We are a team of senior and highly experienced people with long career histories in financial services.

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